Despite being an island, Bahrain does not offer many options, when it comes to beaches and water sports. Ironic as it may sound, the country is totally surrounded by water, you get to see the sea around every corner, but there are very few properly developed and maintained beaches, and even fewer options for water sports. 
En Route Malkiya Beach

However, a little research into the matter led me to the conclusion that there are, in fact, many water sports options and beaches present in Bahrain, with some of them not properly publicized, and thus are not very well known among the expats. One of such active beach is Malkiya Beach.

View from the boat

Located in near Reef Mall, and easily accessible using Google Maps, Malkiya Beach is one of the most populated beaches of Bahrain, also offering boat rides and jet ski to the visitors. The first thing I noticed about the beach was- majority of local population. The same led me to the conclusion that this one is either not known, or not very popular among the expats!

There is playing area for the kids, combined with numerous food stalls, providing freshly made corns, local food items, popcorns as well the packaged food- all that you might need for an evening at the beach. What’s more? The food as well as all the activities is very reasonably prices- not bad at all for a try at least.

The water was clean, and if you go there on a bright, not so cloudy, day, you would be able to witness the beautiful sunset as well.

Sunset at Malkiya Beach

The beat rides offer at the beach cost 500 fills per person- for a good 15-18 minute ride in the open sea, along with all your family members/ friends. Jet ski would charge 2 BD for 15 minutes- way less than other clubs/ resorts offering the same, at comparatively very high rates.
The exciting boat ride
Artistic, isn't it?

There are several boats and many jet ski available at the beach, so you do not actually have to wait for your turn- one or the other one is always there, you just have to get on one, and get, set, go!

If you are up for a low budget active day at the beach, Malkiya Beach is the place for you! 
enjoying the ride.. and the view

While the boat ride is simply amazing, the food options are also great. You can taste Bahraini street-food, while watching the sunset and enjoying the wind- certainly a blessing in the hot summer days of Bahrain! 

sunset, from the boat
Beautiful Post Sunset View

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