June has just started, and Bahrain has already reached the peak temperatures- heat and humidity during the day and no breeze during nights- summer make this island a little difficult indeed!
Coming from coastal area in South East Asia, I initially found the extreme weather conditions somehow disturbing. There are very outing options during day time, mostly people prefer staying indoors (and trust me that is the wise decision too), and nights are not very different too. Due to the high level of humidity, outdoor activities eventually become more of a punishment, than leisure!
However, no matter what living conditions, we all somehow have to adjust. Isn’t it?
While the adults do not really have much time to focus on the weather conditions, expect for the weekends of course, children are the one’s actually affected- schools are closed due to summer vacations, and there are little or no activities available.
At this point, thankfully, the summer camps jump into the scene. While these summer camps keep the children busy (specifically a blessing for working moms), they also make learning fun for kids- allowing them to master some new skills and gain a lot of information, while enjoying the activities with their friends.

The hunt for the perfect summer camp is certainly not easy- you have to focus on a lot of essentials, including the locations, expenses and of course, the nature of activities offered- because nothing is more important that your kid, and his/her precious time.
To assist you in finding the right summer camp in Bahrain, here is a list of all the available options, combined with contact information. Happy summer J

British School of Bahrain
Contact- 17610943/73

British Council
Contact- 17266166

Little Pearls Nursery
Contact- 33558911

Budaiya Pre-School
Contact- 17791491

Yellow Submarine
Contact: 17000037

JCS Tennis Academy
Contact- 17233111

Wahooo Summer Camp
Contact- 17173000, 17692424, 33001261

Victoria Dance
Contact- 17004382, 39876215

Contact-  36668390, 35600792

Fastrack Kids
Contact- 17651717

7th Wave
Contact- 17442900

Life Fit
Contact- 17692424

My Gym
Contact- 17566566

Skills Bookshop
Contact- 17681696, 33228806

Studio Ceramics
Contact: 17002911

Lilliput Pre School
Contact- 39507035, 33449967

Bright Beginners
Contact- 17710405, 38823758

Winners Football Centre
Contact- 17442434, 38085535

Winners Summer Camp
Contact- 17442434, 38085535

Little Village
Contact- 13104746

Children’s House Montessori
Contact- 17699844

Evolution Childcare
Contact- 17669079

Alliance Francaise
Contact- 17683295

Pingu’s English
Contact- 17002977

Smart Kids

KG Kids Pre-School
Contact- 17663556

Twinkle Twinkle Centre
Contact- 17700412

Kidz World Kindergarten
Contact- 17715050

Intercontinental Regency Bahrain
Contact- 17208355

Football Summer Club
Contact- 36276661, 39439427

Learning Plus
Contact- 17590135

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