We all love eating out, and we all want to stay fit- ironic, isn’t it? While the taste of fast food/ fast casual knows no match, the number of calories linked with each bite keeps most of us away from the restaurants; no matter how delicious their meals are. With the increase in diet consciousness in on a steep hike, the eateries are trying their best to cooperate, offering exclusive diet meals for the more cognizant ones.
Smashburger, no doubt, is the ultimate winner in this regard. I just had the opportunity to try their new addition in the menu- the diet food, including Grilled Avocado Club, Grilled Feta Harvest Salad and Veggie Fritters (with cheese sauce). To say that the food was good would be sheer injustice- as it was, beyond any doubt, simply outstanding!
Grilled Avocado Club- Smash Burger

The Grilled Avocado Club is made to perfection, using grilled chicken, perfect blend of sauces, bacon and grilled avocado- allowing you to satisfy your taste buds, without consuming all the additional calories. The taste of this Club is as good as any other sandwich at Smashburger- thus the perfect thing to try when you are craving for fast food, but trying to avoid extra calorie intake.
Grilled Feta Harvest Salad- Smashburger

Similarly, the Grilled Feta Harvest Salad is impeccably prepared to deal with your hunger pangs, while triggering your taste buds, at the same time. The serving size is pretty reasonable- a proper filling serving. The dressing (served with the Salad), significantly accentuates the taste of Grilled Feta Harvest Salad, providing you the ultimate Salad experience.
Veggie Frites

As a substitute to our all-time favorites, French Fries, Smashburger has introduced Veggie Frites. Served with cheese sauce, these delicacies will not only satisfy your cravings for French fries, but would also provide a healthy alternate to the evergreen yet high-calorie snack. Served at a perfect temperature, the cheese sauce is molten to perfection, providing the flavor your taste buds would hardly forget.
Now here comes another reason to try Smashburger-the food is delivered right on time (mine was delivered a few minutes before the mentioned time), and it was absolutely fresh and warm. The quality of the meal clearly suggested that it is freshly prepared, with all the sauces and dips included in the packets.
So, if you are diet conscious, yet a fast food fan, you should try the new greens at Smashburger- you’ll thank me later. The meal is filling, tasty, healthy, low on calorie and made to perfection- what else can one ask for? 

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