When it comes to fast food, burger would be the first choice of the majority- it is convenient to carry, easy to eat, and above all, it tastes heavenly. However, it is essential to make sure that you land on the right place, when in a mood of having a perfectly made burger- because nothing is as disturbing is the inability to get good food, when you are actually craving for excellence.  Here is the review of my first choice- offering unique taste, perfect blend of spices and the embodiment of perfection- Burger 63.

Although the outlet is not very fancy, no dine-in available, only take-away and delivery options are there, but once you get addicted to the taste, there is no turning back. While majority of the outlets offer fried/ grilled options, here you get chargrilled burger- as juicy as any burger can be, with a flavor your taste-buds will hardly forget.
All the possible options are available at Burger63- you can choose between chicken and beef- although both taste divine, trust me on this! Also, there are chicken/ beef and mushroom burger, with mushrooms actually blended well with the patty, not just used as a seasoning, and also the double patty burger, for those who want accentuated taste (specialty of Burger63, actually). The buns are also freshly made and soft, texture as well as the flavor of this burger is certainly to die for.

The brand has 2 outlets, in Busaiteen and in Riffa, and can be easily accessed using Google Maps. And here comes the best part- it is not even expensive! The prices are much low, as compared to other burger joints/ restaurants in Bahrain. So, next time when you are planning to go for home-delivery, or having light dinner by the Cornish, do consider Burger 63.
Caution: Once you get the taste, there is no turning back! The taste, texture and the freshness is sure to take you to the same place, again and again.

Contact info:
Busaiteen: 1732 6363
Riffa: 1789 6363

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