Our next stop was Nuwara Eliya- and we had planned to take the train. So, we got to railway station, got the tickets, and did not have to wait for long, as the train was almost on time. The first class tickets were all sold out, and we had to opt for second class. However, the decision turned out to be perfect!
Kandy Railway Station 

There were no seats available (the train was already full when it reached Kandy), and so all of the passengers boarding from Kandy had to stand in the walk way, or at the gates. I, however, was lucky enough to be standing right next to a very kind Sri Lankan lady, who offered to share her seat with me, and also offered the window seat!
View from the Train

This train ride, from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya and then Ella, is HIGLY RECOMMENDED for anyone travelling to Sri Lanka! The views, the tea states and the water falls on the way will truly make you skip a heartbeat. It is termed as the most beautiful and scenic train ride in the world, after Switzerland, and thus should not be missed at any cost.
If you do not get a seat, try to take a place at the gate, to get an amazing 360 view of nature’s wonder.  

The journey took 6.5- 7 hours, and we reached Nuwara Eliya by noon. The place, also known is Mini England, has cold weather through-out the year- thus do not forget to take warm clothes along, if you are planning to visit. After checking in at the Hotel, we rented a bike and went to Gregory Lake. 

Georgy Lake

The visit to lake was followed by a visit to Lover’s Leap waterfall, and we called it a night after dark.
Victoria Park is yet another tourist attraction in the area, which should not be missed if you have time. we skipped this one, primarily due to lack of time.

The next day started with a tour of Pedro Tea Estate. We skipped the factory itself, since it is not working during day time, and went back to the guest house for checkout.