The 5th day started with the visit to Pedro Tea Estate, followed by our departure from Nuwara Eliya.

Pedro Tea Estate

From Nuwara Eliya, we took another train to Ella- which was yet another amazing ride. The views on the way were astonishing, and after travelling for around 4 hours, we reached Ella.
Nine Arch Bridge

While checking in at the guest house, we got to know that there’s a short-cut for Nine Arches Bridge, which we were supposed to visit that day. We decided to check that out, and eventually found ourselves in the middle of a thick forest, all by ourselves, with no clue where we might end. There was no individual in sight, and we were following the only route available, hoping that we do not encounter any wild animal on the way. Thankfully, the forest ended after a terrifying walk of 20- 25 minutes, and we had the most amazing view of the Nine Arches Bridge.
The bridge has a magnificence linked to it, and despite being centuries old, it still holds a unique significant position.

So, that was all for this day, we went to the guest house, with new plans for a new day.