Being an expat in Bahrain, I have heard the same statement from my fellow expats over and over again- there are no places to visit in Bahrain. I confess, I was actually convinced on the same statement too, for some time, until I started exploring the island for myself. It took me a few months to get familiar with the place, and Voila! I realized Bahrain is not as dull and boring as it is portrayed by some. In fact, there are plenty of activities going on, here and there, you just have to keep an eye for the current happenings.
So, I decided to come up with a blog of my own, with the aim of highlighting the activities going on in Bahrain- the lively little island. While sharing my experiences on the island, I would also keep the readers updated about the current happenings and events in Bahrain, to fill up your weekends. Despite of the extreme weathers and little recreational places, there is always something or the other, to refresh your mood and make you feel like home. All you have to do is find the right spot, in accordance with your mood and interests.

On my blog, you will be offered reviews on various activities and events taking place in Bahrain- combined with an overview of the life on this island, where to go, where to eat and of course, where to shop. Stay tuned for the updates J