If you are planning to visit Bahrain anytime soon- or already in Bahrain and looking for some interesting place to visit, Qil’lat al Bahrain (Bahrain fort) is defiantly the best place to start with. While the fort has rich history and is a memorandum of Dilmun history, it also has touristic importance, enlightening the visitors regarding rich history of Bahrain.

The best season to visit the place would be from October- April, when the weather conditions are suitable for an outdoor trip, and the visitors can roam around. Moreover, it is better to visit the place just a few hours before the sunset- since most of the part is open; it provides a picturesque view at that time of the day. A complete tour of the fort would not take more than 70- 80 minutes, so the visitors are advised to plan accordingly.

 Properly maintained, the fort serves as an excellent photographic site as well. Take your camera along, and in suitable light, you will get some of the most amazing pictures- even some display pictures too maybe :D

Bahrain fort is also registered as UNESCO world heritage site. Right beside the fort, there is site museum display area, consisting of 5 display halls, exhibiting the history of Bahrain. With the nominal entry fee of 2 BD (for the exhibition hall only- entry to the fort is free), you will get detailed historical information regarding the Dilmun era. Moreover, guided tours are also provided for the fort, with the guide enlightening the visitors regarding construction of the fort, combined with the importance of the overall structure. Overall, a visit to the place is totally recommended, and would be categorized as information and recreational at the same time.

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