What is more beautiful, than a calm evening, listening to the sound of waves, watching the most beautiful sunset? The whole situation might last for a few minutes only, but these are the best minutes of your day, taking away all the strain, apprehension, frustration and fatigue away with them. In the current times, having some time to appreciate the beauty of nature, and practically forgetting about the soundings, enjoying the company, is nothing short of a blessing. So, while you are on an island, why not avail the opportunity of getting benefited from the bounty, whenever possible!?
Both I and my husband are very fond of this natural phenomenon, and we love watching the sunset.

Here is a compilation of the ideal sunset viewpoints in Bahrain, which are sure not to disappoint you!

Zallaq Beach

Although not really developed as a beach, and not recommended either, it is a perfect place to watch the sunset. There are benches, and you can take your own picnic mat, to sip tea or just enjoy the winds while the sun disappears among the waves.

Sunset from Zallaq Beach

 Dragon City

Yes, you heard it right. Right outside the main entrance, where the skyline is visible, you can also witness a tranquil sunset. The next time you go there, pause your shopping or a few minutes and enjoy the scene- it will be worth the effort.

Karbabad Beach

Aside from offering a number of activities for the kids, and numerous food options, karbabad beach also has a beautiful sunset. No wonder the place is so densely crowded at any day of the year.

 The Tree of Life

Although a distant place, Tree of life is, indeed, a nice place to watch the sunset. It is good to watch the setting sun, right in the middle of nowhere (that is where the tree of life is, isn’t it?), and secondly, the tree also looks amazing in the dark, with just the right lights placed around it.

Sunset from Tree of Life

 Malkiya Beach

You can get complete review of Malkiya Beach here, the beach offers yet another picture perfect view of the sunset. If you are lucky, you might be able to observe the same during your boat ride, which is offered at the Malkiya Beach too.

Sunset from Malkiya Beach

 Seef Corniche, Muharraq

Seef cornice, located right next to Arad Fort and Seef Mall, Muharraq, also offers a beautiful sunset viewpoint, along with greenery and a properly maintained park.

 King Fahad Causeway

In addition to being ideal for a long drive, King Fahad Causeway is also perfect for enjoying an ideal sunset. Being less packed, the place would be ideal if you are not very fond of the crowd.

Sunset from King Fahad Causeway

These are some of the best sunset viewpoints in Bahrain that I have come across, to day. I will be making further additions, as soon I explore some new ones. Till then, try to make use of this information. Wish you a peaceful, calm and soothing evening, while watching the pretty orange setting sun. 

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