Since Eid ul Fitr is just around the corner, my quest for the best Arabic Confectioneries in town was intensified in the past few days- and I am sure I am not alone. The tradition of serving and presenting something ‘sweet’ on Eid is literally centuries old, and while living in the Arab world, what can be better than the mouthwatering and tempting Arabic sweets?
So, my first priority was the local sweets shops- initially I thought that no one can do justice to the Arabic sweets- but I was totally wrong. Casually landing on Cake Boutique, I got the pleasant surprise that they have some experts, producing the best desserts in town. I would here confess, that I initially thought them to be Cake specialists only- but they proved me wrong with their skillfully made delicate and flavorsome Arabic delights.
Arabic Sweets and Kunafa Jars from Cake Boutique 

To start with, the Arabic Sweets are very competently made, and exquisitely presented – being an eye candy before it actually hits your taste buds. While the arrangement is remarkable, the flavor is not behind in any way. They are freshly made; the sweetened to perfection and every price is delicately carved. Not only these sweets are perfect for serving on Eid day, they could also serve as a delicate and presentable Eid Gift as well.

There is a variety to choose from, and you are free to mix and match the platter in accordance with your taste- however, the vibrant colors and rich texture of each surely makes all of them worth a try.
Arabic Sweets from Cake Boutique

What’s more? The Arabic Delights offered by Cake Boutique not limited to the sweets only- they also offer Kunafa Jars. The concept might be unique for many of you, as it was for me, but it makes the product more than presentable and delicious, beyond any doubt. Traditional Kunafa, perfectly blended with the filling of your choice, is something you do not want to miss.
 The original Arabic taste of Kunafa, combined with the nutty and fruity flavors, certainly provides an ultimate dessert experience.
Nutella Kunafa Jar

Nutella Kunafa Jar, contains layers of Kunafa and Nutella, blending the Arabic and the Western Flavors in the most unique manner. Keeping in view the never-ending love for Nutella we all have, the flavor would definitely take you to Cake Boutique again. 
Mango Kunafa Jar

Mango Kunafa Jar, offering the chunks of Mango with cream and Kunafa, is surely the best mango dessert you would have this summer.
Strawberry Kunafa Jar

Strawberry Kunafa Jar is yet another fruity flavor, combining strawberry pulp with delicious cream and the layers of perfectly prepared Kunafa, serves as an amazing fruit temptation.
Dates and Cream Kunafa Jar

Dates and Cream Kunafa Jar- the traditional flavor of dates, well blended with cream and layers of Kunafa, would allow you to dive into the remarkable Arabic flavor.
To sum up, the Arabic Sweets and Kunafa Jars of Cake Boutique is a huge thumbs up, and totally recommended for presentation/ Eid Gifts and serving. These exclusive and scrumptious delicacies are sure to make you Eid day brighter, more festive and sweeter.

Eid Mubarak everyone!