Planning to organize a small event anytime soon? It might be your kid’s birthday party, a farewell or welcome party for a friend or simple a theme party for the acquaintances- something new and different? While the idea might sound really hectic and time consuming, it is, indeed worth a try. There are efforts, and there is a lot of research required, but the outcome is totally worth it!
While there are thousands of tutorials and several articles available online, I believe that the best learning comes from the experience! While not all of us would be ready to take the risk of organizing the events by ourselves, a little motivation and instructions from the ones who do, might make things better.  
To highlight the essentials of event planning and management, this blog would focus on ‘Arhaam’s First Birthday Party’, organized single handedly by his talented and young mommy, Ifrah Naeem. 
The party was perfectly organized, the décor was flawless and the food was scrumptious. The creativity in theme and presentation left all the guests in an awe, providing an experience that will not be forgotten easily.
Here are a few essentials for organizing a small event at your home, as highlighted by Ifrah:
Start with theme selection- I was interested in Whale theme party, but then came up with Beluga (baby whale) theme, as it was more suitable for my toddler’s first one. Also, focus on the number of guests, and estimate the amount of food/ seating arrangement required for them. This is the foremost and highly essential step, and would prevent the hassle later on.
The entrance- creatively decorated to welcome the guests

Second, move on to research. Use the internet, and you will get many ideas, that can be modified according to you own requirements. Apart from Google, also use YouTube, to watch birthday organization videos, and the same would really assist you in getting easy yet innovative ideas.
The scrumptious rainbow cake by Cake Boutique 
Because birthday parties are incomplete without balloons
Different shades of blue and white were used, creating the perfect ambiance of festivity

Download the theme song- combined with a couple of logos that would be used in decoration, and move on to the practical side. While the song and the logos would add colors and music to the party, they would also make the theme more prominent.
Logos were beautifully used, further enhancing the Beluga theme

Logos were beautifully used, further enhancing the Beluga theme

Logos were beautifully used, further enhancing the Beluga theme

Try to keep things simple, and also keep looking for the substitutes- if you cannot find something that you believe is ‘required’ for the décor/ presentation, look for replacements. The ideas are unlimited, and so are the options available for the organizer.

Chocolates for the guests
 Everything was specifically designed to match the theme- and the colors were also perfectly balanced, to create a beautiful blend and Ocean/ Beluga theme.
Scrumptious Truffles
The results of these efforts need no words-the pictures say it all.
Theme Cupcakes

Beluga theme Macrons

So, the next time you are about to drop the idea of small event, thinking about the lack of event manages in the area, learn from Ifrah’s experience, and Get set, Go!
Just keep the essentials in mind, and make sure you have significant time at hand, to complete all the preparations and amaze your guests with your ingenuity and creativity.