When moving to a new place, certain questions are sure to pop in every mind- would there be good food outlets? Would there be places to go? Would I be able to make friends? Would I like the taste of local food? Would I face adjustment issues?
Well, I had the same queries, while moving to Bahrain. Thankfully, most of them turned out to be only temporary- as adjustment here were just a piece of cake. While there are a number of places worth visiting, people are friendly, and the food- it is just amazing!
Focusing specifically on the food, and the ultimate winner, Mandi, I can surely say that regardless of your origin- if you taste it, you will ask for more. While the dish is prepared with moderate spices, the unique blend herbs with chicken/ lamb meat and rice turns out be something totally worth a try, as it tickles the taste buds in a unique manner- not comparable to any other dish. Served with a special Arabic sauce, made with fresh tomatoes to enhance the taste of main course, Mandi is MUST TRY if you are present in any part of Middle East- or get a chance to visit one.

Although, being Arabic cuisine specialty, Mandi is prepared all across the globe, the authentic taste is offered in the Middle East only. I have not only tried this delicacy in Bahrain, but also got a chance to eat the same in Dubai and Saudi Arabia as well- but the taste of Bahrain’s Mandi takes the crown.
While there are several Mandi restaurants, present all across Bahrain, if you have not been to Noor Al Buhari yet, you are definitely missing onto something essential. The main branch of this chain is located on Exhibition Road, and serves the best Mandi in town. During the lunch hours, it would be so crowded that you will have to wait for your turn, especially in the family section.

The infrastructure of the restaurant also reminds you of the Arabic theme- there are separate compartments in the family section, for each family, with the options of dining table or the floor seating- whatever you prefer.
Mandi, here, is always served fresh. While the chicken/ meat are freshly prepared, rice is also cooked to perfection, and served at a very reasonable temperature. And what’s more, the serving is also very swift! Food is usually served after a few minutes of placing the order- no long minutes of waiting for the waiter. While my personal favorite is Mandi Rice, you can choose between the various options provided at the restaurant.

There are several other food options available at Noor al Bukhari- all from the Arabic Cuisines- and after going through the whole menu, I would settle for Mandi, every single time. So, not sure about the other dishes on the menu, but Mandi at this restaurant is a must try if you are in Bahrain.

PS: Do not visit the place if you are up for fine dine. Take it as an option only when you are up for some authentic Arabic food- served in authentic Arabic style.  

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