So, the final day in Colombo was here already, and we started with a visit to Jungle Beach. As the name suggests, you have to cross a jungle in order to get there, and it is thus way less crowded as compared to other beaches. When we got there early morning, it was almost deserted, and we had no company through the jungle as well.
Jungle Beach

The beach is divided into two parts- separated by a couple of rocks. While both the sides are equally beautiful and present more or less the same view, one is bigger as compared to the other, and thus attracts more visitors during late hours.

The visit marked an end to our wonderful and super exciting trip to Sri Lanka. We went back to our hostel, returned the Bike and headed towards Galle Railway Station, where we were supposed to get a train for Colombo Fort.
The train arrived right on time, and we prepared ourselves to bid farewell to this beautiful land.
Arriving at fort, we took the same route back that we did upon arrival- we walked to the bus stop, and got AC bus to the airport.
The eight day tour was worth a lifetime of memories- not only is Sri Lanka beautiful in every aspect, but also the people are super friendly and supportive. While we heard a lot of rumors before finalizing our tour, including the cases of robbery, looting the tourists and getting stares from the locals, none of them turned out to be true.

Being a developing country, it has certain downsides- certain streets and roads are not as clean as they should be, and traffic might not be as organized as expected, but the natural beauty of this place, combined with the courtesy of the locals, makes it worth visiting anyway. Everything, from tickets to B&B’s, food and transportation, is reasonably priced. So, if you are travelling on budget, and looking forward towards a happening tour while witnessing nature at its best, Sri Lanka is surely the place for you!