The next morning, the usual checkout and breakfast routine was followed, and we departed towards our final destination- Unawatuna. The bus we took to Unawatuna was supposed to pass by Mirrisa as well, and we decided to take a small stop at the beach.
Mirrisa Beach

Mirrisa beach is regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches, and rightly so. There are very few locals on the beach, and thus it is more suitable for bathing and tanning. The coconut trees and far flung rocks make the view truly mesmerizing!
Our visit to Mirissa beach was limited to about an hour only, after which we had lunch at a local restaurant, and headed towards our hostel in Unawatuna. At the hostel, we dropped our luggage, enjoyed the welcome drink by the host (papaya juice, made from fresh papayas of their farm) and headed towards Galle Fort- the most renowned tourist destination in Galle.   
Galle Fort

Having significant historic significance, Galle fort is right beside Galle Beach- which offers an absolutely stunning sunset. On the other side of the beach is the Dutch Market- your go to place for souvenirs, and for a walk through the Dutch style buildings, that still hold their unique structure and magnificence.
Dutch Market

A detailed tour of the fort and market was followed by a tour of Unawatuna beach- that is at around 15 minutes’ drive from Galle Fort.  We hired a bike here as well, thus making the commutation convenient and hassle free.
After the sunset, we noticed the presence of several beach side restaurants on the Unawatuna beach- dinner at the beach option that we were not aware of earlier! We selected a random restaurant and ordered some local food (we were in love with the local taste already), and thoroughly enjoyed the sound of waves while our food arrived.
Unawatune Beach

One of the beach side restaurants 

Needless to say, the food was really tasty, and way less expensive than we thought! The price was a little more than usual, but just a little- nothing what we thought of, keeping in view the decent and romantic setup they had.

With this, the day came to an end.