I was introduced to The Entertainer App last year, when some of my husband’s friends got the application, and started eating more, while saving more. The impact placed by this application is huge indeed- it offers buy one, get one free, on several entities, including Cafes, Nightspots, Health & Fitness, Spas, Casual Dining, Retail & Services, Informal Dining, Attractions & Leisure.
Before stating more about the app, I must mention that so far I have experienced the dining part of the app only, and that I find overwhelmingly good! There are more than 1200 offers and 241 venues on the list already, and more additions are being made every month. The variety makes the app totally worth it- the restaurants range from simple burger outlets to fine dine restaurants in posh hotels- offering something for every event and occasion. Moreover, it also allows you to get an idea about the estimated saving at any place, so you can decide in advance, on the basis of your budget allocated for any specific day.

In addition to food, there are drinks, desserts, shakes and much more, offering something different according to the mood of the day. With the latest introduction of the delivery service, Entertainer has gained yet another star- you can now enjoy discounted food, right at your door step, from the variety of options provided at the app.
The application is available on the official website for BD 29.5, however, it can also be bought for BD 3 per month- depending on your usage and the duration of your stay in Bahrain. The app works across the globe, however, one has to buy it for one specific country at a time- one single app cannot be used in several regions at the same time.
Being affordable for yearly as well as monthly basis, the entertainer app is must have, if you are a foodie and interested in trying new, scrumptious food!
Since I have not used salons and hotels from entertainer yet, cannot present my views and experience. However, as far as the restaurants are concerned, my personal experience has been amazing so far! Totally recommended and 100% worth it!

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