Moving abroad is exciting- isn’t it? All you can think about is a new life, and a new beginning. The delight is beyond words- each and every little thing about relocation tends to excite you at that time. However, once you have moved actually, reality strikes in. After all, the process of being an ‘expat’ from being a ‘national’ somewhere is not as easy as it seems.

You realize that this movement actually means leaving behind all you precious ones- your family, friends, acquaintances, every person on planet earth you knew, is now nowhere to be seen. Instead of the people you grew up with, all of a sudden, you find yourself surrounded by new ones, with whom you might have nothing in common. Shifting to a multi-cultural society, like Bahrain, one is expected to some across people belonging to different cultures and backgrounds, and no clue how to get along.
While getting acquainted with new individuals might be a piece of cake for some, it is a process straight out of hell for others. I’ll present my own example- married for one year, I moved to Bahrain two years back. Although I had a degree in Mass Communication from a reputable institution in Pakistan, combined with significant working experience, I decided not to work.
No, my husband is not to be blamed here, he never asked me to stay at home- it a totally independent decision. After the relocation, a few days, almost a month, went by in a jiffy, trying to unpack loads of stuff I brought from my home country, and setting up the new ones bought from here. However, after that there seemed to be a blind end- what do I do now?

I noticed, all my neighbors are from different cultures- rarely did I see someone in my building, and even if I did, no one really preferred talking to each other. The conversations- if any- were just limited to the usual greeting, and then you go your way, they go theirs. Most of the ladies, I observed, were either working, or were busy with their kids, so concluded that they were too busy to get indulged in the ‘neighborhood friendships’.
Now what? Whom should I talk to? The household work is not much, it certainly won’t occupy the whole day (provided it is only me and my husband living here). What after I am done with everything? Should I just sit there and ponder over my life (and of course all the bad things I have done so far :D )?
Well, I must confess that a few months really went by in this situation- just either chatting over phone with my sisters (thank God I have them), or lingering over the tasks that actually require a few minutes only.
I like reading, but I brought no books with me, and did not know where to get them. I love writing, but had no laptop, writing on paper seemed kindof out-dated, and besides, what was there to write about? I was never into TV, dramas and movies, so that option of pastime was ruled out already.
I am sure you can see how dull my life turned out to be, at least I assumed that for a few months after my shifting, thankfully realizing soon that it wasn’t life- it was me actually! The society and the circumstances are not going to alter themselves for me- I would have to make adjustments!

Here starts the process of change- for good. I know many of the expats (especially ladies) find themselves in similar dilemma, after moving abroad (that might be a dream once, but turned into reality, it might not seem as exciting as it was in the imagination). So, below are a few tips, learnt from my personal experience, which might be helpful for you:
You will find a lot of time at your disposal, utilize that time to focus on what your interests are. It might be cooking, handicrafts that you once used to love, writing (like me), applying makeup, painting, yoga, swimming or a thousand other things. Come up with a few that you really enjoy doing- or that you had to stop due to lack of time.
Next, use Google, and find out how you can continue your hobby now. Look for the places that sell relevant stuff, or the institutions that provide classes in reasonable rates. Internet is one-stop-solution to every question; use it constructively, instead of swapping on social media all day long.
Once you have come up with some information, get ready for the action. Make phone calls to ensure that all the information is correct, and start collecting the stuff you need/ begin the admission procedure. You will be surprised to see how easy it actually was, and how nice it is to be active. Continue your interest for the benefit of yourself, as well as others.
The most imperative point is- never consider anything or any profession to be unimportant- there is nothing insignificant in this world. Highlight your skills and start professionally. Trust me; we don’t know our own potential unless we get into something new. Take your interests to another level- utilize your time in utmost manner.
It is said that birds of a feather flock together- and the notion holds really true. While it is amazing knowing people from various cultures, many of us are more comfortable with the people of the same background. Look for the online communities, and start getting along with new individuals. Of course it takes times, but once you are comfortable, these friends would significantly make up for the ‘love deprivation’ you might be feeling.
If initially you are not comfortable inviting someone to your place, or go to their, start with going out. Go for a walk, or shopping/ movie, and gradually you would be comfortable for the small home gatherings as well. It is recommended that you start with your own area- it makes bonding much more easy. The circle would gradually enlarge, as you would get to know their acquaintances as well, thus subsiding the feeling of loneliness that you once had.   
Start looking for the weekend activities (there are plenty), combined with the special cultural celebrations and exhibitions. Visiting them would not only be refreshing, but would also assist you in getting a clear idea about the society and its norms.

The key here is to help yourself- while I have provided certain practical ideas- you will have to push yourself into some effort- and it would be totally worth it. The more time you waste, the more lethargic you get, thus making the adjustment more and more difficult for you. So, pull up your socks, and start getting back your life together. Bahrain is a beautiful place to be- make your stay worthwhile, making the most out of the time and opportunities, that are waiting for you already.