So, I was thinking about ‘how to start this blog’?
‘The summers in Middle East occupy most of the calendar..’. No, anybody who lives here, knows that already, like really REALLY well.
‘Summer ins Middle East is extreme, with temperature soaring to almost boiling temperatures..’. Again, no. Isn’t that kind of evident? We all know already that summers here are as hot and humid as they can be- the sun shows no mercy at all!
‘Summer season limits the outdoor activities available to the Middle Eastern resident..’. Well that is exactly what this blog! The activities are not limited; they just have to be discovered. You are supposed to look for the activities, which match your interest, and are suitable for these extreme weather conditions as well.
Here is a list of 5 summer activities, which are sure to brighten up your summers, proving that summer in Bahrain can be really entertaining and exciting!

Visit Waterpark

Let’s start with something that is thrilling as well as exciting- to pump you up for the rest of summer! While Wahooo Water Park at City Centre sounds nice, the best option for waterpark in Bahrain is without any doubt, Lost Paradise of Dilmun. While the waterpark complies with the international standards, it is not only huge, but also has several water slides, catering to visitors of all the age groups and preference. While there is ‘lazy river’ for the one’s not much into thrilling slides, there are others for the one’s aiming for extreme adrenaline rush.
The tickets are available at the counter, and are also available online at the website.
However, it is advisable that you check their Facebook Page to check for the latest promotional offers. In addition, the tickets are also available at all the Geant and Gulf Mart stores in Bahrain. 

Watch a movie

Yeah, go watch a movie, because, why not? While there are various cinemas in Bahrain, one in almost every area, the prices of tickets are reasonable, and several movies are on display at the same time. Just select the one that matches your taste, and get set for an engaging activity. You don’t even have to put any effort, so this is about the ideal activity available in Bahrain- just sit there, relax, nibble on your pop-corns/ nachos and watch the movie of your choice.

Plan an evening at the beach

It might sound a bit offbeat at first, but visit beach during summer in Bahrain is certainly not challenging- it would , in fact, prove to be a memorable evening. While the days are as hot and humid as they can be, temperature tends to change in evening and night, and thus beach visits can be planned accordingly. Just carry your beach mat, collect some snacks, make some tea and get off. First, the light breeze is sure to change your mood, and second, the amazing view of sunset in the cloudless sky, is something you do not want to miss.

Go Shopping

There are a few activities besides shopping, which are amusing as well as charismatic, at the same time (I’m sure all the ladies would agree). While you might not be really interested in shopping, just window shopping with your friends/ family members, coupled with snacking at one of the various restaurants/ food court, is a perfect day out, in every way. There are several options available in Bahrain, with each mall offering a variety of brands, food outlets as well as cinemas, planning a day out for shopping might be the most convenient activity for any Bahrain resident.

Go for a lavish brunch/ lunch /dinner

No one says no to food- the cliché holds true, no matter what. When it comes to food, the question is not ‘to eat or not to eat’. In this case, the question only is ‘where to eat?’ So, plan a lavish lunch with your near and dear ones, to savor on the food while chitchat on some common topics of interest. There are literally hundreds of restaurants in Bahrain, offering a variety of food and rates- there is something is stock for everybody. 

Organize a Tea-Party   

This is a personal favorite- entertainment, while remaining in your comfort zone. The idea is simple enough- invite your friends to your place for hi-tea/ lunch, and spend some quality time with them, chatting and eating, and ultimate relaxing activity. While the idea of arranging hi-tea might sound a bit tough, it can be simplified by making a little preparation beforehand. Go for fewer dishes in more quantity, as compared to large number of dishes in large quantities. Use paper plates, in order to simplify the cleanup process. Order one or more dishes from the nearby restaurant/ fast food outlet, it would make the overall process easier.

Different friends can take turns and arrange such small parties at their places, or all of you can have a one dish party at someone’s place once in a while. These small sessions would not only improve your social life, but would also provide you with variation from the same monotonous lifestyle- that is highly essential for maintaining healthy emotional health. 

The next time anybody says 'Summer in Bahrain is pretty boring', let them know that there is plenty you can do, regardless of the weather. It is all about lending at the right place, at the right time, and making the most of your stay on this wonderful island.