Recently, I realized that it has been quite a while since me and husband went for a formal dinner- the usual casual weekend dinners don’t really count, do they? As in, they are not even proper dinners, it is just that you are out for something else, or you want a day off from kitchen so you just go out and eat. According to my definition, a formal dinner is one for which you make prior plan, dress up properly, make a reservation, go, eat and return. Some quiet quality time with your partner/ family, exclusively planned and executed, not just coupled with any other activity in an attempt to feel full.
So, the plan was made, and being a huge fan of Chinese cuisine, I started looking for one that matches my requirements. Since I was into fine-dine, all the casual restaurants were ruled out. After much online research, thought and consideration, Soie was finalized.

The Ambiance

Soie turned out be the perfect choice- from ambiance to d├ęcor, food and the service, everything was impeccable. An air of elegance welcomes you into the restaurant, with the high walls and wooden flooring further amplifying the grandeur of the site.  A touch of customary Chinese architecture also adds to the comforting effect, and the traditionally dressed hosts welcome you into the restaurant.

and the Food

The quality as well as quantity of food was worthy (I specifically liked the Schezwan and Chow Mein). The service was decent; waiters were friendly and respectful too. However, if you like spices as much as I do, you will have to specifically mention- the taste is good as per Oriental standard, but not as spicy as indicated by the menu.
Overall, it is a perfect choice for a romantic dinner date, family get-together or any other form of formal gathering. The place has all you can ask for- quality, panache, good food and great staff. And yes, the prices are reasonable too! Highly recommended!
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Contact #: +97317533533