Travelling, the term itself sounds so captivating and fascinating, doesn’t it? It implies that you get to explore new parts of the world, meet new people, and get a taste of cultures that you never knew existed. However, that is only one part of the story- the second is the one you rarely get to hear, the one with not-so-glamorous impression.
While it is all about fancy pictures, cute poses and amazing backgrounds, it is also about being tired to death and still having some distance to cover, before you can finally get some sleep. It is about counting all the possible ways to save some money, and add some extra activities to your planned tour. It is about stepping way out of your comfort zone, and managing with the limited resources available, because every experience comes with a price tag.
The delayed flights, last minute visa issues, language barriers and the cultural differences are ironically annoying and entertaining at the same time. These times test your tolerance and intelligence, and you get to learn the limits of your own abilities. Your patience is taken to next level, and you actually find joy, combined with a deep sense of achievement, one you are through.
There are instances when you want to run towards home, and still others when you want to stay forever. Instances when you miss your homemade food more than anything, and other when you don’t even care what you are eating, as far as your hunger is being satisfied. The local habits and stuff that you want to carry forever, and the experiences that you wish you can share with the world.
You get to deal with some people that are mean, taking full advantage of your cluelessness, and then there come others, who go out of their way to help you, without expecting or getting anything in return.
You discover the hidden pleasure in finally reaching your destination, after taking several wrong turns and asking for instructions from a dozen random strangers.

Good and bad, exciting and irritating, adventurous and sometimes even dangerous- every travel experience adds to a new page in your lifetime experiences, influencing at least a little part of your being. While exploring the world, you also get to explore your own self, and learn about the little joys that are never appreciated in routine. The bittersweet memories that you get at the end, totally make it worth it- urging you to look forward towards the next one.