Impeccable ambiance, state of the art infrastructure, succulent food and hospitable staff- true depiction of the perfect place to dine. If you are looking forward to relish flavorsome food while adoring the perfect view of the city (specifically the magnificent view of Four Seasons Hotel , Moda Mall and Bahrain Financial Harbor- the landmark structures of Bahrain), Atmosphere Restaurant, Wyndham Hotel Bahrain, is the place for you.

Located in Wyndham Grand Hotel, Atmosphere Restaurant is not only unique in its frame and setting, but it also presents all the essential elements for a perfect meal- be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. While the presentation is appealing, the options are also diverse- allowing the guests to have a taste of different cuisines from across the globe.

Upon entering the restaurant, the impressive 360 ° view of the island welcomed us from the huge glass walls, combined with the exquisite décor and the hospitable host. We chose a table beside the glass wall, to enjoy the view along with food, and moved on the take a tour of the place. There were four tables, offering Asian, Oriental, Mediterranean and Arabic cuisines, along with Sushi bar, live cooking and Dessert corner.
The Classic Ambiance

Each counter was furnished with the salads, dressings and pickles- complementing with the cuisines it serve, and food was fresh as well as served piping hot. Live cooking allowed us to devour on the items not included in the buffet, including stir fried noodles and chicken steak- thus adding to the dining experience.
Cheese, anyone?
Traditional Arabic Pickles- adding flavor to your food
Sushi Bar

Besides food and desserts, the drinks counter had a variety of soft drinks, fresh juices, mock tails and hot beverages, to further enhance the dining experience.
Dessert Corner- check out those delicacies

For a foodie like me, dine-out is not only about food, it is the overall experience. The ambiance, the staff as well as the overall attitude towards the customers- and Atmosphere Restaurant provided the whole package. While the staff is attentive and responsive and the food is scrumptious, the décor, location and furnishing of the place makes it totally worth a visit- for a regular day out, or to make your special days more memorable.