While volumes have been written and said about the severity of summer in Middle East, and the means to stay healthy to during this season, how about having the best milkshake in town to stay chilled?
The Chilled Delicacies.. Simply Irresistible 

So, here it goes. A few weeks back, I was introduced to Millions of Milkshake, at Bahrain City Center Cinema, and immediately became a huge fan. It had all that a foodie is looking for:
  • Multiple flavors- check
  • Perfect texture- check
  • Divine taste- check
  • Sufficient quantity- check
  • Customized flavors available- check
  • A really filling drink- check

Now, what else do you want from your milkshake? It is, beyond any doubt, the creamiest and delicious drink I ever had- with some authentic flavors and combinations. Endorsed by various celebrities (with the shakes named after them, as well), Millions of Milkshake is something you would regret missing. It has two branches in Bahrain- in City Center and the second one in The Walk Bahrain. While there is no certain way to beat the heat, trying this delicacy would certain make summer a little more bearable.
Here Come the Celebrity Flavors 

PS: Millions of Milkshake is also available on the Entertainer App. So take your friend/ family along, and get appreciated for your lip-smacking finding.